The traveler's flat

Petržalka, Bratislava, district Bratislava, SR

The traveler’s flat is located on the fifth floor in the Hájpark apartment building in Bratislava. When designing, we had to hang on with the material standard of the apartment because we entered the production process later. By inserting the “cubes” of the furniture we have tried to keep the space open and communicating. We designed the living quarters of the apartment and the corridor.

The priority was to create a simple rational basis that communicates with each other and creates overlapping functional zones of working, kitchen, living, living rooms and home cafes for about 25 sqm. There were no interventions in the apartment, all the needs were filled with mobiles. The warmth of the home complements the client’s souvenirs from the world’s travels. Therefore, mirror surfaces complement the simplicity of the mobiliar with optical deception and airiness.

Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal

Photographer: Tomáš Manina