Co-author: Ing. arch. Martin Suttner

Lighting ficture Vector was created as product of creative dialogue of two architects Andrej Švec and Martin Suttner. „Legerského flat is an example when architectural proposal is stepping over from interior design to product design. We decided to create a lighting fixture specially for this interior.” The aim was to create floor lamp which will provide two types of illumination. Sometimes functioning as a source of additional reading light, sometimes as a mood light in living room. At the same time it has to fit into clean lines and materials of interior in which it is being designed for.

„Starting point was clear and we decided to go right to the finish – straightly, and that is why “light line” was created. Materials were chosen in accord with materials used in interior of flat – beech wood + steel with matte finish. The main principle and extraordinary detail in this lighting is that you cannot see the LED source of light directly from any point of view. It was the biggest challenge whilst working on this lighting as the lamp has only 5×3,5 cm in its cross-section. The source of light is located in slot made by milling cutter and is shining through reflection on wooden surface, which is at the same time functioning as lamp shade. Thanks to light reflection and diffusion the light has warm and pleasant colour. The wooden element is standing freely in its steel stand which allows rotation and this line lighting is becoming vertical wallwasher for an intimate light scene.

Publication of the project on the architectural portal