Slnečné jazerá Senec, district Senec, SR

The family house is situated near the lakes Slnečné jazerá in Senec. The shape of the house is determined by the sunlight during all seasons and the shape of the land. The size of the area and its specific orientation towards each of cardinal directions resulted in proposed disposition 1+1: a small single-storey house including a loft-style apartment. The first floor opens to a private garden while the loft is oriented to the surroundings. Dimensionally easy solution of the building 1 + 1 was installed on a plot with the intention of creating an area for entry with parking place and a relaxing part in the garden. Each individual zone is optically interconnected that results in a smooth transition from public to private places. Airiness, rationality and simplicity of an object represent the main idea of the concept. A simple shifting of the edges defines the volume of a family house and creates an overlay for both the entrance and the terrace. The overall airiness underlines the internal open area of the day part. A characteristic feature of the proposed interior is a direct optical connection to the attic part of the disposition. The unique relation between the daily lofty zone and the exterior of the house creates a strong connection with the nearby garden and surrounding area.
The concept proposes to use the wooden panels as a basic construction element. A prefabricated building easy combines eco friendly materials from local sources what goes hand in hand with the concept of sustainable housing development. The house is designed in a passive standard.