winery 2K

Južná Morava, Březí, district Břeclav, ČR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Natália Michalová

The design of the winery in Moravia is defined by the surrounding construction of the vinicultural warehouses. The object of the building is to hold wine production of two separate wineries, each producing 100.000 litres of wine a year. It was necessary to establish adequate manufacturing and storage facilities, where the scale and proportions are translated into the facade of the bulding complex. Precise segmentation of the building takes the scaling of the rest of the village into account, thus complimenting it and creating harmony. The emphasis on the entrance section follows the presentation and sales areas of the winery. The winery emerges as an important point in the landscape structure by situating the orientation of translucent glazing towards the main access road. Combined with good wine and other activities, the new winery will be a mark of quality for the entire South Moravian region. The modularity of the design allows expansion in case of further growth. The next stage envisions dining rooms or a guest house.