multipurpose house TCS

Veľké Úľany, district Galanta, SR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Natália Michalová

The concept of a multipurpose building, TCS, is based on an idea to connect the public street space through an atrium. The main idea evolved into reaching the maximum possible parterre openings, while isolating the noise from the busy street. Following the street line and the morphology of three characteristic surrounding buildings with a hip roof naturally integrates the concept into the existing structure of the village. Linking of the streets with the passage renders the multifunctional house important in terms of pedestrian connections. Atrium with a terrace and trees is optically enlarged by gabled roof, while its shape ensures sufficient supply of sunshine. The construction is characterized by a smooth linkage of rent offices, atrium and their environment through transparent, translucent and open parts of the facade.