house B+

Liptovské Sliače, district Ružomberok, SR

Level distribution of functions and family house itself allowed placement on the site without fencing (there is no interference of privacy with the street area). All section planes (interventions) trough the landscape are highlighted by different material solution. The shape of the piece is influenced by traditional architecture and the local planning policy. The day area of the house is placed along the terrain contour line to create minimal interference with the existing terrain. A non-intervening connection with the terrain is the primary condition for a concept of a house, which is both functional and aesthetic. The main object is a natural integration with the country. The house interior reflects its outer shape, with a multi-purpose loft space placed into the core section of the interior. A dynamic placement of the house allows to install parking under the house and therefore, avoid coherence with the garden. Mass orientation as well as that of glazed surfaces regards physical characteristics of the site, adjacent buildings and landscape. A thorough vertical segregation of functional features is the reason no fences are needed; the layout of the house ensures privacy.