remodeling of the boiler room

Liptovský Mikuláš, district Liptovský Mikuláš, SR

The rectangular object is built by a skeletal system with open space. The middle part is recessed to the level of an underground floor. The proposal Works with the two thirds of the original boiler room which don’t serve their original purpose anymore. The remaining third, still operating, is separated.
The reconstrusction concept preserves the industrial character of the building, using typical industrial materials with little maintenance requirements. Paneling with prefabricated parts and original coating is now complemented with rusty COR-TEN metal. The track of windows is united by a rusty lamination system from the outside.
We inserted a floor above ground level, lightened by the original set of windows with the option of shielding. The part of the middle tract on the level of the underground floor preserves the vast character of the space. This floor is lightened through the transparent floor under the original windows. New underground space communicates with the exterior by an opening into the garden at the place of the original english garden.