Opatovská Nová Ves, district Veľký Krtíš, SR

The family house is located in the vineyard region near Velky Krtíš. The levels of particular zones (day zone on the ground floor, night zone on the first floor) react to the investors’ requirements on privacy. The characteristic element is the exposed wood construction of wood-concrete interlocking ceiling. Lowering the roof construction in the garden draws the building closer to human scale and makes a nice background for the garden area. Paneling of the house facade corresponds and, at several moments, intertwines with the shelter to accentuate the entrance area. The paneling is laid horizontally, so that the object seems lower from the street-view.
The house is enriched by ecological tendencies in architecture and maximizes the passive usability of the building to boost comfort. Low energy standard is achieved by using insulating and energy-saving materials, passively harvesting solar energy along with natural cooling of air through the roof, and active solar collectors. The green roof complements the concept of the loft space and prevents it from over-heating.