sport center

Žiar, district Liptovský Mikuláš, SR

The concept addresses a centre accessible for disabled people is situated in Liptov region in Žiarska valley. Based on the surrounding and accessibility it is situated in the border of the village of Žiar. Thanks to closeness to the skiing resort and final stop of busses, it has a potential to be economicaly successful and grow in future. Connection of the accommodation in nature, sports facilities inside and outside make this sport complex available for public and for disabled people.

The concept of this solution roots in the idea of ‘subdividing the cubic capacity of the object, which means one mass = one function’. This aspect divides the object into different units with various functions, but also connects internal life of the object with the external one. The convenient location of the complex within the village, where the main sport life takes place (skiing lift, biking, hiking, etc.) designated this idea to be fully used and valorized. The architectural solution starts with the shaping of external mass of the object, by gradually adding or decreasing of mass, so the architectural rendering of the object corresponds with its function and with types and designs of buildings in this region. The solution is inspired by folk architecture for non-residential purposes, so-called ‘humno’ in slovak language.

When we take the mountain range and countryside into account, this architectural expression fulfills the assimilation and psysical features of the environment in its entirety. The object is naturally incorporated into the environment without parasitizing on surroundings. The resulting modern composition of the object is visually opening and offers material and spiritual experience.