cottage reconstruction

Jasenová, district Dolný Kubín, SR

The defining motive of the cottage reconstruction was a comfortable ambient within a reasonable budget upon a client’s request. The original composition is remodeled by restructuring volumes of existing materials within the building. By shifting of components we connected the whole interior space. The only moment of cubature increasing is a C-shaped terrace and a submerged exterior storage room. A carve-out of the terrace and a connection of multiple terraces (indoor, garden and front terraces) implies the possibility to keep it engaged during every season. It’s presumed to host the majority of cottage life and happenings. The original object’s mass is remarkably lightened, yet it still shows in the final visage. A fusion of old and new is tangible in the material as well – in wood paneling in bright shades. Sliding wooden shutters create a feeling of plasticity on the facade even with window openings closed. Closer contact with the surrounding nature is realized through larger glazing, mostly towards the terrace. The reconstruction created “open space” in the daily section of the proposed disposition. Its dominant feature has become a central hanging fireplace, which is complemented by the illumination of the upper part of the kitchen and entrance stairs. This space is visually connected all around the perimeter of the terrace with its surroundings.
This solution created a new, contemporary layout within the required standards. After its reconstruction, the cottage has the potential to provide an enjoyable experience of merging surrounding nature with the interior.