Mútne, district Námestovo, SR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Michal Ganobjak

Young people who return home from abroad became an incentive for a design of a house in the Orava region, the native village of investors, in Mutne. The shape of the building plot, the layout diagram and the orientation in reference to the cardinal points shaped the mass of the proposed house. The land sloping granted the project with a promise of the multilevel functional solution.The layout is spread over three floors (ground floor, first floor and underground floor). Each floor provides housing for a family with several members with a comfortable day area facing the garden. Linking the exterior to the interior is achieved not only through large sliding windows, but also their overlapping. A large terrace became a second embodiment of the house ambient, which is partially roofed and protected against the weather. The dominant area of the house is the kitchen with dining room and living room, with focus on a centrally located three-sided fireplace.
A highlight is the design of the “loft”, purposed for relax (billiards, darts, playstation, reading, etc.). The underground space is intended for the house maintenance (laundry room, utility room with wood compliance) with multi-purpose room (sauna, fitness) which makes it fully habitable for future residents.
Thanks to emphasis on details, the architectural character of neighbouring buildings, material and technological solutions, the building is naturally integrated into the surroundings. A modern building with the highest regard for tradition has an architectural value to be sustained in the future.