Veľké Úľany, district Galanta, SR

The idea of family houses “3Dom” design is based on clear specifications of the investor’s demands for the area. Placement of the house takes the best setting into account, referring to east-west axes and ideal location of rooms (entrance – east, bedroom – southeast, dining room + kitchen – south, children’s bedrooms – southwest, living room – west). The main motive became the turning of urban structure and its orientation towards the street. The rotation of the mass created the missing element of a perpendicular edge. The final shape of the house was subjected to creating outdoor terraces following the course of the sun (East in the morning, West in the evening). Terraces also define the area of the house as a semi-private section.

Segregation of different parts of the house is designed to harvest passive solar energy. Low energy standard for higher living comfort is guaranteed. Open space up to the ceiling in the day part of the house provides the building with an airy atmosphere. „The heart” of the house is a fireplace with double-sided insert, serving aesthetic as well as functional purposes. The proposal is designed for a classic family of four. Children‘s rooms have a direct entry into a playroom with a view towards the day area with the fireplace. This gives the parents a visual control over their children. The area of children’s’ bedrooms provide comfortable living with the possibility of adding a loft space.

An austere design of the house is executed by cladding bricks. Roofing is proposed as a supplement tile – traditional plain tiles. Terraces of solid wood with the possibility of shading during summer gives the house an unusual touch. A contributing factor is a pool submerged into the terrace system. A house design responds to contemporary requirements of a young family, with a slight contrast to the surrounding buildings to stand out and enlighten the street corner.