in gardens

Ružinov, Bratislava, district Bratislava, SR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Ivana Vrlíková

The weekend housing is designed as a reconstruction of a garden cottage with a basement. The setting is defined by the terms of preservation of the existing underground construction and the ground plan, which defines the whole area. The requirements resulted in a compact solution with the glazing in the north – south vector. Compact construction was completed with an added value of an occasional bedroom loft for 4 people or bedrooms for children. Such loft is illuminated through a skylight through the highest point of the roof. The whole shape of the roof is based on the position of the existing staircase and space for the loft. The outside design of the house has a system of sliding shutters applied. The height segregation and the layout were proposed to ensure privacy and inter-connection at the same time. Three height levels in the open space provide privacy as well as communication with each other. The ambient is supported by the vertical illumination. The house follows trends in ecology and architecture and applies the utmost benefits of passive construction for maximum comfort of living, i.e. natural building materials (prefabricated construction with natural isolation filling, clay plastering, etc.). Low-energy / passive house standard is obtained by using natural isolation (energy saving), self-cleaning of waste water, by the use of solar energy (such as passive solar heat gain, natural ventilation of air through the roof plane, and active solar collectors).