Rázusovo nábrežie, Bratislava, district Bratislava, SR

hradBA_competitive design of the town “look out” benches

The design of urban furniture – an observation bench in Rázusovo riverside – is based on the reflection of Bratislava dominants in the river. By repeating elements we would like to emphasize the importance of the castle in the city. The reduced “upside-down imitation” of Bratislava castle determines the basic structural element. Modular system predisposes the design to various uses of endless possibilities of composing in height, width and length. The intention is space free for imagination, but also relaxation and games.

The parameters of the element is 750/750/375mm (w / d / v), when given upside down (in the shape of the castle) level determines the amount of 187.5 mm, which is half of the height. From the point of view of materials used in “hradBA” concept, we chose plastic blocks mainly as a lightweight solution that allows easier handling, but also because of hygiene and economic terms (assuming low-cost work). Blocks “hradBA” and the whole modular system does not serve only for relax, but also as a puzzle, that trains creativity and thinking (not just for adults: we recommend 3y.o.+). By the composition of the elements in four colors it is possible to express all kinds of feeling and opinion. The initial composition is done according to the authors, further shaping is free.

HradBA is a fresh, creative, safe, and easy system meant for an uplift of the riverside.