Veľké Úľany, district Galanta, SR

The small-yet-big family house takes form from a combination of factors – a narrow area and the investor’s claim to make the final concept a one-floor building. The result is a minimalistic construction with a slighlty rangy shape with a functional disposition. A straightforward visual from the street side is softened by a natural wall lining material (wood). The shape of the design does stand out in an aggressive way in the surrounding enviroment. It tries to merge with the existing space. There’s beauty in simplicity: that is the reason for the color white on the walls, in contrast with details and especially with the wooden lining. The floor was designed with in idea to eliminate useless room. The result is a family house with an area of 102,52 m2 (without the garage). Despite a smaller area, the house fulfills the requirements of a demanding client: a corridor, toilet, kitchen, living room with dining room – with the entrance to the south terrace, corridor, master bedroom with a closet, bathroom, technical room with toilet and children bedroom/study. The functional disposition roots from the intention to partially separate day and night zone of the house. The dominant is a large open space of kitchen and living room with dining room, while the wall height is increasing towards the window and southern terrace. The aim is to have contact with the outside world, the garden, with a well thought.out lighting and heating of the room. In between the double garage and the master bedroom is the so-called “atrium”, realized as a terrace with a green tree and roofed storage of wood for a fireplace.