three Monkeys pavilion with an outlook

Zlaté Piesky, Bratislava, district Bratislava, SR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Ivana Vrlíková

International competition “Der Niederösterreichische Holzbaupreis”, category Entwurf, prize – certificate of merit by the jury

The procejt concerns a storage building of the former “betonárka,” a building behind the hypermarket Tesco, Bratislava. It is a land revitalization of a former concrete factory (now the Gallery Tranzit). Satisfying accessibility by public transport implies a good chance for future development. The pavilion rationally complements the existing features (shopping – recreation). The complex offers a beautiful green oasis of relaxation for the whole family. The main objective of the “Three Monkeys” pavilion is to offer a new form of relax in contact with water, an exhibition space, a café and a lookout tower. Individual materials of the pavilion symbolize and enhance sensory perception (sight, hearing, touch, etc). A path through the pavilion symbolizes the link between reflecting the past, recognizing the present and consequently determining the near future. A modern, busy man enjoys nature and takes their time to relax. These particular functions in this area of Bratislava were missing. We tried to create a space that will offer all in one.