winery Domaine Hellburg

Siria, county Arad, RO

The design of vineyard area with production halls, recreation zones and accommodation in Șiria, commune in Romania, has been greatly influenced by the local municipal plan. The construction in the vineyard is strictly limited, only the minimum extension of original terrain and existing built-up area is allowed. Double increase in wine production capacity and a reconstruction of the original settlement in the center of the vineyard to the 4-star hotel is required.

The aim of the proposal is to merge with the countryside and enlarge the volumes of architecture, production and event halls, harmoniously with the surroundings and human scale. Architectural forms and design has been inspired by the local traditional shapes, precisely by a saddle roof, a colony-like mansion and a shield overhanging the roof structure. With a vision of production development and addition of an event zone, we propose a reconstruction of a smaller winery to larger volumes.

Proposed shapes of buildings respect the local terrain morphology, that can be seen in the design of a farm yard and disposition of surrounding functions. The project mainly counts with a functionality of whole complex and a good connection to a local communication.

Large roofing system is flat and integrated into the natural terrain that merge with the landscape and do not create any kind of visual barrier in important views. Plus, the architecture optically approaches its surroundings by splitting buildings into smaller objects that are interconnected. This approach allows to use a gravitational force in wine production (from grape harvesting through processing, production and wine maturing to bottling, expedition and selling).

The year-round used exterior and interior are firmly connected what enhance a strong relation between the complex and its local agrarian genius loci. The farm yard has been transformed into a smaller park square what smoothly changes into the vineyard. This change optically accentuates the functional use of the place integrated in local landscape.

In the next phase of the project a realisation will be accomplished by a hotel with restaurant and wellness.