Svidník, district Svidník, SR

Redesign of existing Cafe in Svidník has aimed to preserve and refresh the original genius loci from the 30s. The challenge was also to place the proposal into an unfinished building from the 90s. One of the main request from investor was to keep original furniture as much as possible. However, the existing disposition of the Cafe has undergone a fundamental change.

The original ground plan has been simplified and the Cafe now has a compact space that opens and multiplies in its “blind” corners. Existing place has seemed to be dark and tight, the priority of the new design has become a sense of openness and increased luminosity. The bar in the area does not create borders, on the contrary, it allows the customer to get more in touch with the process of coffee brewing or preparing drinks and snacks. The bar rotation of 90-degree helps to improve communication between the waiters and the guests.

Proposed solution creates a compact flowing disposition linking employees room, bar, storage and delivery. Sanitary facilities for the guests have been adapted for capacity and needs of a new cafe. An optical game with wall mirrors enlarges a whole interior. A flexible system of ceiling lighting allows the owner to potentially reorganize the arrangement of the furniture.

The main purpose of the material solution is the contrast: from a small scale to a large, from smooth surfaces to rough, from white color to gray, etc. Spatial dominance of bar and entrance is achieved by carefully selected panels and tiles. A reference of the past is taken in the form of wooden wall tiling and a herringbone parquet pattern, which transform into the contemporary materials as MDF and ceramics. Proposed form and pattern of the material solution resemble the original interior atmosphere of the 1930s. Natural rough form of materials emphasizes the authenticity of the Cafe. The combination of various surfaces as raw MDF boards, glosy mirrors, grey plaster wall coats, patterned ceramic tiles and exposed cement floor screed visually unifies the entire place and delivers light to the interior without excessive exposure of the customer through artificial lighting.

Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal Stavbaweb

Photographer: Tomáš Manina