footbridge Kamenný Mlyn

Kamenný Mlyn, Trnava, district Trnava, SR

Co-author: Ing. Andrea Prievalská

Designed area is located on the southwestern edge of the city of Trnava in the area of Horný rybník near Kamenný Mlyn. We defined the main priorities of proposed solutions after analyzing the possibilities of movement of pedestrians and cyclists and finding out there is a high incidence of reeds and waterfowl. Installation of static part of construction – a circular wooden pier – is connected to lower level of the pond to enhance the presentation of the local flora and fauna from the water surface. The dynamic parts of concept – the pontoons – are proposed in the direction of curvature of walking trails around the pond. Thanks to the modularity of pontoon system the connections to the shore can be changed to the current needs.

We preserved a natural character of area, so the vegetation mainly adorn the water courses and surfaces. In response to current state we propose a revision and shearing in the shrub level to open the water area to visitors. In a further development of the territory we propose a gradual recovery of native species of the trees near the dam and also the revitalization of original plant and herb coverage on the shores, which will have better grow condition after suggested revision of shrub level. Last but not least, we propose also the addition of hydrophilic herbal plants and wetlands to increase the attractivity of this place for the visitors.

Static section – wooden circle pier with a water garden in its center which consists of a mixture of plants growing in a deep zone (up to 2.5m) and plants from wetland areas in the form of „floating wetlands“. Shape of pier is based on the idea of the water drop falling into the water, which forms the perfect centered circles, design combines reality with the ideal state in which the inner circumference reflects the reality and the outer one an ideal world. Dynamic part – floating trees,planted in the buoys depending on the depth of their bottoms, or simply using some submerged plant pots. The plants are selected of species of the genus Salix or Alnus.

The pier offers views from its outer circumference to the pond and surroundings and also connects the anchor points of the pontoon, mooring pontoons in this section is optional. slat wall separating the inner and outer circumference, the density of slats and the covering of walls are varied according to the value of views of surroundings. A slat wall separates the inner and outer circumference. The density of slats and the covering of walls are varied according to the value of views of surroundings. The walls create a semi-public space of water garden while verticalize planar accent on water level. Direct view of the inner and outer circumference, the view is oriented to the reeds with a high occurrence of the water birds.