rental apartmens

Jarok, district Nitra, SR

Co-author: Ing. arch. Jozef Hyravý

Public anonymous urban – architectural competition with subject solution of: Rental apartments Jarok – Školská street

The subject of the competition is urban and architectural design of rental housing on Školská street in the village of Jarok, and the completion of primary school premises for the needs of operating a kindergarten. The proposed solution of residential buildings will create living space for young families, while the kindergarten space provides service for pre-school children education. Urban and architectural design: Two offset objects of the proposed residential buildings are located south to the existing school building. They are directly accessible from Školska street through its own access road, which connects to parking areas. The kindergarten is operationally and physically bound to the existing school building and is accessible from the north, integrating into the body of the whole area. From an architectural point of view, the two proposed apartment buildings are designed as a classic two-storey cuboid composition with gabled roof disrupted from the south side by notches in the mass, and thus pushing the classic composition into a new level and allowing private loggia to take form and complement the apartments. From the northern side, horizontal wooden lining clearly identifies the communication core.