Veľké Úľany, district Galanta, SR

The project of a family house of ´above standard’ is defined by the general town plan, which excludes the possibility to lay the foundations in the back of the building plot, which had been requested by the investor. The context of the orientation, regarding the cardinal points and the environment, is what shaped the scheme in the end. The design is a layout of rooms connected to the vectors of communication channels of both the house and the land (mirroring the shapes). The segmentation of the volume connects the course of the sun with the area, the maintenance diagram, as well as the incorporation and preservation of trees in the project.

The smooth connection of a carport, storage and waste compilation unloads the burden off other parts of the area. This subtile part creates a fence and the street line at the same time (regarding Robotnicka street). Its connection to the major object is executed by a collonade-pergola with vines, whereas this green part appears on the facade and in the interior of the house in several variaties. The building is separated from the garden by a consoled part to accent the terrace part of the back garden (terrace+pool). The console helps create an ascending gradient from the house towards its most important parts, where the family life takes place. The house with its structure and setting provides various coves (with different dimensions for different people) to relax at. These places are interconnected by interesting rifts. The family life is spread throughout two floors above ground and one underground floor. The ground floor with possible usage as ‘day area’ meets the highest demands for comfort and space. The house is supplementes with a „parents’ appartment,“ a laundry room and a study, and therefore becomes suitable for a life of a couple in the future. The relation between exterior and interior is most distinctive in the day area with a glass wall. Nature is brought inside not only through the glass, but also thanks to a winter garden, with a positive influence over one’s peace of mind.

The first floor of the family house is accesible by a staircase leading from the hall with a light from two floors. The hall carries light to all three floors and is still useful as a medium for natural ventilation. Childrens’ rooms are accompanied by sanitary rooms and a gameroom viewing the hall and the winter garden. The visual flow of the floor supports the majestic and attractive ground floor. A roof over a part of the ground floor is designed as vegetative, to maintain good climate during every season. The underground floor holds a wine cellar. Its‘ parts are also used as a maintenance base of the object. The project answers the requirements of the investor with an emphasis on preserving the identity of the town and the incorporation of a dominant walnut tree into the project. An ecological, sustainable design and strictly plain aesthetics, enriched by a natural element, are a solid base to this project implemented to a larger building area.

Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal
Publication of the project on the architectural portal

project 2013
realization 2014 -2017

Photographer: Tomáš Manina